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 Tony's RV-10 Build   Jun-5-2020   

  Sect 8 - Horizontal Stabilizer
  Sect 7 - Rudder Assembly
  Sect 6 - Vert. Stabilizer
  Building Work Tables

Tony's Build of the Van's Aircraft RV-10

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Section 8 - Horizontal Stabilizer
....May 31, 2020

Have the skins mostly clecoed into place. Match drilling lots of holes next.


Shop / Workspace
....May 29, 2020

Small change in schedule. I ordered the QB fuse for delivery in July '20. The plan was to renovate our walkout basement to allow a wide door and build there. A property came available very near my residence. So, we decided to build a new building. In this building I am including a rear shop space for the build. You can never have too much shop space ! Anyway, I asked Vans to delay the fuse delivery until October or November. Result is an approximate 3 or 4 month delay to the schedule.


Section 8 - Horizontal Stabilizer
....May 23, 2020

Have been making slow progress on the horizontal stab. Front and center ribs are primed and riveted. The front and middle formers are in place. Support forms made and ready to start clecoing the skins on.


Rudder Build Video
....May 7, 2020

Short video / slide show of the rudder build added / updated to the top of the rudder page.


Fuselage Cradle
....May 3, 2020

Dr. Ken Sauve's QB fuselage arrived this weekend. While trying to set the fuse into the cradle the wing spar bolts conflicted slightly with the E restraint. Dr. Ken was kind enough to send me pictures and offer a suggested modification. New cradle drawings are posted showing a narrowed E element on both sides. Thanks again Dr. Ken !


Section 7 - Rudder
....May 2, 2020

Made up a simple bender to insure a nice straight clean bent edges at the counter weight. Worked out great and real simple.


Preliminary Avionics
....May 2, 2020

Panel Option 4.2 - This is the panel. I don't think the 650 will fit at the top... too deep and will conflict with bracing. Reasonably happy with this layout. The switches, etc will change as other component decisions are made.


....Apr 26, 2020

Started laying out and planning for wiring and electrical. This is a little early in the process, but want to work through this before the QB fuselage arrives in a few months. First draft of the wings.


Preliminary Avionics
....Apr 17, 2020

Panel Option 4.1 - Reasonably confident this is my panel. The back and forth has been over standby instruments for IFR. If you have ever flown with a GTN 650 in turbulence, you will understand why it is up against the glare.


Fuselage Cradle
....Apr 16, 2020

Dr. Ken Sauve was kind enough to be the guinea pig on this cradle. He constructed a cradle and provided me with some clarifying feedback. Thanks Dr. Ken!


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Status / Completed

03/20/20 - Ordered QB Fuse
02/26/20 - V. Stab Completed
02/07/20 - Reserved N584TA
01/24/20 - Start Vertical Stabilizer
01/16/20 - Building Work Tables
01/02/20 - Ordered Empennage Kit
12/27/19 - Ordered Tools Cleaveland Tools Kit
8/2/19 - Preliminary Schedule Complete
7/5/19 - Working through preliminay schedule
7/1/19 - Planning, researching, etc.
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 Tony's RV-10 Build   Jun-5-2020   
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