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 Tony's RV-10 Build   Feb-26-2020   

  Sect 6 - Vert. Stabilizer
  Building Work Tables

Tony's Build of the Van's Aircraft RV-10

Section 6 - Vertical Stab
....Feb 16, 2020

Riveting has started. Collecting the last few tools, cleaning, dimpling, prepping and priming.... Finally started applying some rivets. Got through most of the vertical stab frame before I discovered a few issues. Not only did I install the first rivets today I also got to drill out a rivet for the first time as well...


Preliminary Avionics
....Feb 6, 2020

Still way early in the process, but started thinking through the avionics. Have been following what Stein Air is doing and pulling ideas where I can. This will go through a good number of iterations before I am done... but, initial thoughts are outlined here --> Link to pdf file --> Preliminary Panel PDF


Section 6 - Vertical Stab
....Jan 31, 2020

Have the vertical stab frame clecod together and did a quick test fit of the skin. Predrill, debur, prime and almost ready to start applying some rivets.

I did apply the nose rounding described in the HS section... still see a potential bump in the skin... will remove some more material.


Section 6 - Vertical Stab
....Jan 24, 2020

Started on the vertical stabilizer. Predicatable, once you decide to get started you realize you don't have every tool that you need. Order a few things and enjoying getting the build started.


Empennage Delivered
....Jan 16, 2020

Empennage crate was delivered this morning. Vans does a really good job of packaging. The duct tape on the skins was a bit of a PITA! Enventory, organize and ready to get started.


Workbench Drawings
....Jan 8, 2020

Going to build a few of these workbenches. A couple will have fixed bases and a couple will be on casters. Complete dimensions and cut list included. Link to pdf file --> Workbench PDF <<-


Ordered the Empennage
....Jan 2, 2020

Ordered the RV-10 Empennage. Vans had it crated and shipped within just a couple of days. Reportedly, will be delivered on or around Jan 13, 2020.

300 lbs box... ack...


Tool Kit Order Placed
....Dec 27, 2019

Ordered the Cleaveland Tools RV-10 took kit with a couple of the upgraded items. Will spend January getting the work space ready and plan to start the empennage in February.

[Update] Cleaveland Tools are very prompt. Order was packaged and shipped out next day.


Planning and Schedule
....July 3, 2019

Have worked out a start date and a rough completion schedule for the air frame. Shooting for an approximate 36 month completion.


Initial Planning
....June 28, 2019

Just within the past week, finalized the decision on which RV to build. Will spend the next month of two gathering information, setting up the workspace and getting ready to get ready...



Status / Completed

02/07/20 - Reserved N584TA
01/24/20 - Start Vertical Stabilizer
01/16/20 - Building Work Tables
01/02/20 - Ordered Empennage Kit
12/27/19 - Ordered Tools Cleaveland Tools Kit
8/2/19 - Preliminary Schedule Complete
7/5/19 - Working through preliminay schedule
7/1/19 - Planning, researching, etc.
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 Tony's RV-10 Build   Feb-26-2020   
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