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 Tony's RV-10 Build   May-18-2024   

  Sect 41 - Instrument Panel

  Sect 25-26 - Fuselage
  Sect 9 - Elevators
  Sect 8 - Horizontal Stabilizer
  Sect 7 - Rudder Assembly
  Sect 6 - Vert. Stabilizer
  Building Work Tables


About Me

Born and raised in the Charleston, SC area. Currently in my 50ís and have never found a reason to leave the great state of SC.

Got a degree in Civil Engineering from The Citadel. The Citadel is a Military College and one of top five best things I ever did (Marying my wife and having three kids rounding out the remaining four!! )

After graduating from The Citadel I wanted to go ahead and knock out the Masters Degree. So I applied to the usual list of engineering schools. Then girlfriend and now wife was attending Clemson University at that time. So, yes, I ended up getting my Masters in Civil (Structural) Engineering from Clemson. As much as I personally benefited from The Citadel I equally loved about Clemson.

Have been a practicing Structural Engineer the balance of my life. During that course got married and have raised three amazing daughters. Two of which are now married (as of July 2020), one more to go.

Got my pilots license late in life in my 50ís. Funny how that is a repeating story. Life, family, kids and work just seem to make it a difficult accomplishment. I am sure for many, the demands on your time do not lesson in your 50ís. We finally get around to getting that pilotís license because we realize we are running out of time !!

Working on my first experimental airplane. The scope and details of the project are truly overwhelming. Just plan to take this one step and a time and one day Iíll wake up with a finished project. Or, at least that is the plan.

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Status / Completed

08/01/21 - QB Wings Ordered
05/15/21 - New QB Fuse Delivered
04/25/21 - QB Fuse Returned
04/09/21 - Instrument Panel Delivered
12/2/20 - QB Fuse Delivered
11/29/20 - Hor. Stab Complete
05/2/20 - Rudder Completed
03/20/20 - Ordered QB Fuse
02/26/20 - V. Stab Completed
02/07/20 - Reserved N584TA
01/24/20 - Start Vertical Stabilizer
01/16/20 - Building Work Tables
01/02/20 - Ordered Empennage Kit
12/27/19 - Ordered Tools Cleaveland Tools Kit
8/2/19 - Preliminary Schedule Complete
7/5/19 - Working through preliminay schedule
7/1/19 - Planning, researching, etc.
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 Tony's RV-10 Build   May-18-2024   
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